Silverfish are one of the very few species of non harmful pests that are found in homes around the country. Even though they may not be harmful to you and your family that doesn't stop their presence being a nuisance and not to mention the damage they will cause to clothing, books etc that are stored around the house.

The name really does explain it all. Silverfish are a small, flat insect that have scales in a silvery blue colour. Like all insects they have 6 legs and quite prominent antennae on their heads. They also have 3 long appendages off the rear of their abdomen, one off the middle and one off each side.

Silverfish completely lack wings and move more in a wriggling motion similar to a fish. This coupled with the appearance of their bodies is where their common name silverfish was derived from.

While silverfish do not pose any serious health risks to you and your family the havoc they wreak on your belongings is phenomenal for such a small insect.

Silverfish have a diet of high carbohydrates and while to us this may seem a little unusual the foods they love are very different to the carbohydrates that humans would eat.

Any sort of dense fibrous material is top of the list for these insects. It is very common to find holes in your clothing, pages half eaten in your books etc when there is a Silverfish problem.

Most people don't know that they have Silverfish in their homes as these insects will hide away in any area that has warmth and moisture. Usually it isn't until you need something that has been stored away in the cupboard for some time that you will notice the holes in your clothes and wonder what has happened.

They are very tough insects though and can survive for up to one year without food. So rather then leaving them be it is best to eradicate the problem at the first signs.

If you think you may have silverfish in your home we can help. Our Qualified Technicians will put your mind at ease and ensure the quick eradication and prevention of infestation of your home.