Fleas are a very common pest problem in homes around Australia. There is a common misconception that Fleas are only present when there are pets (cats,dogs, birds etc). However these pests are not picky when it comes to their food and will also bite humans putting you and your family at risk of infestation. Not only are their bites a cause of discomfort but Fleas are carriers of the Tapeworm Parasite and can also pass parasites between animals and your family.

Fleas are small reddish brown insects that spend their entire lifecycle clinging to and feeding on their chosen host. Adult Fleas are extremely small and are not always easy to spot. They are also excellent jumpers and can jump up to 6 inches; which for an insect their size is an extraordinary amount. Flea larvae however do not feed on a host however they prefer to spend their time among flecks of skin and other similar materials which are usually found in areas that are most commonly used by families and their pets ie. Bedding, lounges etc.

Fleas are very small and hard to see with the naked eye at times, the flea has many characteristics that make them very easy to detect.

· Wingless oval shaped bodies approximately 4-8mm in length
· Can be anywhere from light brown to almost black in colour
· Has 6 legs with 2 of these being large hind legs

Although small and hard to see there is no mistake in the symptoms and discomfort of their bites making detecting fleas an easy task. A clear sign of fleas in your home will most commonly be from your pets. Dogs and cats will scratch constantly to try and rid the annoying itch of flea bites. However if your home is pet free there are clear features of flea bites on humans as well. These include:

· Bites are extremely itchy
· A red swollen welt will develop (similar to a mosquito bite)
· After a day or so the bite may blister and turn into a small wound
· Some people are very sensitive to bites which can lead to other problems

Fleas can carry and in turn pass on to your family many harmful illnesses. As fleas will jump from host to host (animal to human) the most common of these illnesses is the Tapeworm Parasite along with Dermatitis and "Cat Scratch Disease". However there are several more harmful illnesses that can affect your family including typhus and plague.

Many people do not realize that the life cycle of the flea all depends on you and your pets. If you find 5 fleas on your family pet there could easily be another 100 in the carpet!

For most of a fleas life they spend their time dormant in cocoons until they are ready to hatch. Which occurs when there are vibrations in the vicinity of the nest. Once hatched they can remain alive for up to 3 months without food. What starts out as a small flea problem can easily and quickly turn into a much bigger problem before you realize it.

A strict process to eliminate the problem completely needs to be adhered to in order to eradicate the problem.

If you think you may have fleas in your home we can help. Our Qualified Technicians will put your mind at ease and ensure the quick eradication and prevention of infestation of your home.