Ants are a nuisance pest in all homes across the country. All it takes is a change in weather conditions to bring them out of their hiding place and into your house leaving unsightly trails and spoiling food throughout your pantry and cupboards. Many people are unaware of the potential danger of an ant infestation in your home as there is the danger of disease transmission associated with these little pests. Considering the most common places ants are found is in food stuffs and food preparation areas it is important to eradicate the problem as soon as possible.

Although there are over 8000 different species of ants known in Australia there are definitive ways to spot an ant colony in or around your home.

· Like all insects ants have 6 legs
· They are light brown to black in colour
· Their bodies consist of 3 distinctive sections (the head, middle body section and a bulbous shaped end)
· Ants will be seen in large numbers and are rarely, if ever, seen travelling alone

Ants will build their colonies both inside and outside your home. However this does not mean that they will not venture from the colony in their endless search of food.

Outside the home ants nest are commonly found:

· In exposed soil areas
· Underneath the cover of logs, branches etc. Even more so if the wood is decayed and moist
· In or around retaining walls, crevices or brick work or anywhere that is dark and has the potential to hold moisture
· Garbage bins
· And even on the surface of the lawns Outside nests are easy to spot and are commonly mistaken for termite nests. Inside your home you will find ants almost anywhere that there is a food source:

· Underneath stoves and inside cupboards
· Behind skirtings and foundations of the home if there is any area where they can build a nest

Once the ants have found food they will leave an invisible trail of chemicals (similar to pheromones) to lead the other ants in the colony to the food source. Although you may think you have killed off the ants, that trail will still be there and the ants will keep coming. This can be the most frustrating thing for you as no matter what you do the ants just seem to keep coming.

With the right treatment and method these pests can be eradicated from you home.

If you think you may have fleas in your home we can help. Our Qualified Technicians will put your mind at ease and ensure the quick eradication and prevention of infestation of your home.